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“I consider myself a very proactive physician. I focus on getting my patients looking and feeling their best.”

Weight loss is difficult, which is one reason the majority of Americans are overweight or obese. At his practice in San Ramon, California, osteopathic physician Michael Temkin, DO, and his team offer medically supervised weight-loss programs with proven results, including LeanMD. They can also prescribe weight loss medications that can help enhance your results. Book an appointment with Dr. Temkin and his team by calling the office or using the online booking tool to get started on your weight-loss journey today.

Weight Loss Q & A

How can weight loss management help me?

With the compassionate support of Michael Temkin, DO, and his team, you can improve your odds of losing weight and maintaining your weight-loss goals. Their weight-loss programs provide you with the information and tools you need to lead a healthy lifestyle that’s sustainable for the long run. Another important benefit of medically supported weight loss from Dr. Temkin and his team is that you have people to hold you accountable and to encourage you during your weight loss journey.

What is LeanMD weight loss?

LeanMD is a medically supported weight-loss program that helps you drop weight while eating real, fresh food. Dr. Temkin supervises easy-to-follow LeanMD diet plans. He and his team help you safely get excess weight off so you can achieve your goal weight with ease and improve your confidence.

What are the benefits of LeanMD weight loss?

Some of the numerous benefits of choosing LeanMD weight loss with Dr. Temkin include:
  • Medical supervision
  • No gimmicks
  • No starvation
  • No packaged meals or special shakes
  • OOngoing medical management
  • POngoing weight maintenance support
LeanMD is a diet plan you can follow for life. Your chance of effectively dropping weight and reaching your goal weight increases with the structure and motivational support Dr. Temkin and his team offer.

What can I eat on LeanMD diet plans?

When following LeanMD meal plans, you focus on the following foods:
  • Whole foods low in carbohydrates
  • Fresh fruits and low-carb vegetables
  • Whole sources of protein
You don’t have to count calories during weight loss with LeanMD, but you learn how to properly portion food, prepare food, and use easy-to-follow meal plans and recipes.

How much weight can I lose?

With the weight-loss programs provided by Dr. Temkin and his team, you can safely lose up to five pounds weekly. Weight-loss rates vary and depend on your initial body weight, lifestyle, medical conditions, and how well you adhere to your program. Adding exercise and weight loss medications to your program can optimize your results and help you keep lost weight off for a lifetime.

What should I expect from my weight loss program?

During and after your weight-loss journey, Dr. Temkin and his team offer ongoing counseling and support. They tailor your program and the number of appointments needed based on what works best for you. You might attend weekly office visits initially, but this may change over time as you get farther into your program. They help you as you lose weight, transition into your weight-maintenance phase, and then help you maintain your results.

In addition to nutritional counseling, Dr. Temkin and his team may prescribe weight loss medications like phentermine, which can help kick-start your weight loss by suppressing your appetite, reducing your cravings, and limiting fat absorption.

If you’re interested in losing weight, book a weight-loss consultation with Dr. Temkin and his team by phone or online today.



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