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Primary Care in San Ramon

Many of Dr. Temkin's patients include entire families and he loves being able to treat patients of all ages. Be it for an annual check-up, acute illness, or chronic disease care, patients know they can rely on him to treat their head-to-toe concerns.

What should I expect from my primary care with Dr. Temkin?

Primary care is vitally important in your journey to optimal health. As your primary care provider, Dr. Temkin will provide guidance and support for current health issues, as well as advice on preventing future illness or the need for specialist intervention.

Through collaborating with each patient, Dr. Temkin works hard to make healthcare easy. He will address all of your healthcare needs by prioritizing prevention, coordinating additional care when necessary, and providing clear insight and guidance so you are able to take control of your own health.

Whether you're in good health, suffer from a chronic condition, or require treatment for a minor sickness, Dr. Temkin will be your partner in regaining and maintaining long-term wellness. At his state-of-the-art facility, he delivers high-quality care that his patients can trust.

How is Dr. Temkin's care different?

Dr. Temkin's philosophy is to provide the highest quality of care through ultra-personalized treatment paired with appropriate technologies. Armed with the necessary experience, tools, and resources, he is able to provide the best preventive medicine, acute care, and disease management for his patients.

Dr. Temkin takes the time to get to know every patient's story and ensure that all questions are answered during each visit. Together, you and Dr. Temkin will devise a custom plan to fit your unique lifestyle and needs, getting you on the right track toward optimal wellness.

Dr. Temkin seeks to empower his patients to make positive changes to their lifestyles and support their own health through education and support. Treating patients holistically, he sees whole people, as opposed to just symptoms or diseases.

Call the office or book online today to join his practice and take a proactive approach to your healthcare.

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Primary Care

Many of Dr. Temkin's patients include entire families and he loves being able to treat patients of all ages.

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