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Medically-Supported weight loss program in San Ramon


LeanMD Medically Supported Weight Loss™ is a revolutionary and highly personalized weight loss system designed by Dr. Temkin himself.

Thousands of patients have gone through the LeanMD program and had tremendous success losing weight and getting healthy because of its focus on attainable goals, clinical support, accountability, and real food—no complex rules or gimmicks. Dr. Temkin utilizes the most up-to-date medical, pharmaceutical, and nutritional support available to help patients achieve their weight loss goals in a safe, effective, and sustainable manner.


Extreme Convenience
Remote weight monitoring and virtual appointments allow for flexibility and convenience to fit your busy schedule.
Empowering Tools and Training
Our program encourages mindfulness to bring nonjudgemental awareness to your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
Comprehensive Support
You and the LeanMD Care Team will foster an ongoing relationship to provide both physical and mental support for as long as you need.
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The LeanMD system is based on the following guiding principles, developed to ensure a successful and stress-free experience for patients:


The LeanMD program has been specifically designed to be easy to learn and follow.

The system is based on real food, eaten in real environments and by real people, with or without medical conditions.

With remote weight monitoring, patients are held accountable without having to take the time to come in for frequent visits. Using cloud services, patients weight themselves at home and the doctor is able to access their weight data at the office. These weight loss and maintenance phases of treatment are designed with the busy patients’ convenience in mind.


Our program is a long-term approach to weight loss and management, not a “quick fix.”

Dr. Temkin is a member of the Obesity Medicine Association and uses all the guidelines and principles supported by scientific research. He developed LeanMD with the best available scientific research.


Phase 1: Weight Loss

Duration: 2–12 months

Your LeanMD Care Team will utilize all available medical tools to help curb your appetite and optimize your metabolism. On average, patients lose 10–15 pounds in the first month and 30 pounds in three months.

You may choose one of the following options, depending on your individual needs and schedule:

A. Weekly Schedule

This choice requires weekly in-office visits to receive an optional lipo B12 injection and a one-week supply of prescription appetite suppression. You will also receive additional face-to-face nutrition counseling and support during your visit.

B. Flexible Schedule with Virtual Option

This choice gives the option of alternating between in-office visits and virtual visits by telephone. You will be required to get a LeanMD Wireless e-Scale to virtually monitor weight twice per month. Any in-office visits will include an optional lipo B12 injection and a one-week supply of prescription appetite suppression, as well as additional face-to-face nutrition counseling and support.


Phase 2: Transition

Duration: 3–5 weeks

It is imperative to go through a proper transition to stabilize your new weight after all of your hard work during the weight loss phase. With a scientific analysis of your basal metabolic rate, we will help you to taper off of any appetite suppressant medication, adjust macronutrient ratios, increase calorie intake and physical activity, and adapt to a new lifestyle.

There are a lot of sketchy diet products out there, and people don’t know what to trust. They are more comfortable making the changes they need to make in partnership with their doctor.


Phase 3: Sustainable Loss

Duration: 12 months

The Sustainable Loss Membership Program will provide ongoing support and guidance to ensure long-term success for our LeanMD patients.

The period immediately following weight loss is at the highest risk of relapse, so the LeanMD Care Team is prepared to partner with you and overcome the challenges involving with staying on track and maintaining your new lifestyle.